Wudang Zhao [70km from Baotou, nearest town is Shiguai, ¥35]  – the most well preserved Tibetan-styled monastery in the province is a standing piece of evidence of the Tibetan influence over Mongolia.  After the Mongols invaded Tibet in the 13th century, the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat Sect) school of Tibetan Buddhism saw an active following In Mongolia; in its heyday, Wudangzhao was home to about 1,200 resident monks.  This 260-year-old Lamaist monastery is of traditional Tibetan architecture – white walls and flattened roof; allegedly modelled after Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in Tibet.  It also houses a wide collection of Buddhist art – from ancient sculptures to murals of various materials, including some beautiful Qing era murals in its main hall.  Being the main attraction near Baotou, Wudangzhao often see swamps of tourist - Chinese and foreigners alike, but the pretty, tranquil surrounding and the vastness of the monastery lessens the oppressiveness of the crowds.  There are direct buses from outside the Baotou East Railway Station in Donghe District to the monastery.