If, in your travels, you discover a bargain we would love to know about it so other travellers can enjoy your discovery.  Email us here according to the class of the facility- hotel, tour, restaurant, flight or other- and we will tell the world.  We would love it if you could tell us the following information in this sequence (Hint:  Copy & Paste to your email):

Facility:  Hotel, Restaurant, Tour, Transort?
State or Province:
City or Town, Postcode:
Normal price (in local currency):
Competitor's Price (if applic
Bargain Price:
Their email address:
Their website address:
Their phone number (with International Code): 

Period that the bargain or special is valid for e.g. the bargain or special expires on 30 November 2010:

Short description of the facility to let us and others know why you think they are great "value for money":

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