FRANCE RHONE-ALPS ARDECHE Village ardéchois (Aubenas)

Aubenas (pop. 11,800) is one of those economically and culturally vibrant towns that has successfully embraced modernity while retaining the charm of its medieval past.  It is perched above the Ardèche River and strolling around the town gives you scenic opportunities to see the river curving through the upper  Ardèche  valley. 

Its attractive place Hôtel de Ville has at its centrepiece a 13th century defensive Château that also acts as the town hall.  Its composite Église St-Laurent began construction in the 13th century, with the hexagonal Dôme Saint-Benoît chapel being added in the 17th century, and now dominating the town skyline (see photo).  Aubenas is a good and less touristy base for exploring the surrounding area, particularly the Ardèche Gorge to the south.



:   1 Tourism Office 
2. Église St-Laurent & Dôme Saint-Benoît chapel  3. Château & Hôtel de Ville

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