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Auberge de Jeunesse du Vieux Lyon [41-45, montée du Chemin Neuf, +33 478150550 from €18] sits in a hilly location, providing panoramic views of the city from its terrace. The hostel has over 180 beds, with one room accommodating 2 to 6 people.

Centre International de Séjour de Lyon [103 boulevard des Etats-Unis, +33 437904242 weekday-€19.80 onwards, weekends €17.80 onwards] is a large hostel with over 100 rooms. It is located just off the main public squares and it has basic hostel facilities. Call ahead to reserve.

Le Boulevardier [5 rue de la Fromagerie [+33  4 7828 4822, €35-50]  Despite isolated reports of bed bugs (which can happen anywhere) this cheap place offers quite amazing value.  Some rooms overlook Church of St Nizier which is an atmospheric touch.

Alexandra Hotel [49, rue Victor Hugo, +33 478377579 approx €45-99] is situated close to the Perrache bus station at central Lyon. It comprises of 27 simple rooms and stands in a lively side of town.  Its rooms are a little faded but its location located on pedestrian street, Ampère, makes up for this.

Hôtel le Boulevardier [5 rue de la Formagerie +33 478284822  €47-55] is located above a bistro and jazz club. This hotel is an affordable and lively one that stands in a centralised location. Rooms are minimalistic, modern and slightly jazzed up.

Hotel d'Azur [64 rue Victor Hugo +33 478425126, €48-63]   Super location as it is a 5 minute walk from the Perrache train station.  The staff is accommodating and you will attend to your expressed needs.  The rooms are quite large and generally quiet for a central location.

Hôtel Simplon [11 rue Duhamel +33 478374100 €49-100] is located close to the Perrache Bus/Train station and within half an hour walk from the main sights., in a residential stretch. It has a chic and rustic vibe, with cosy rooms.

Hôtel de la Marne [78 rue de la Charité , +33 478370746 €57-79] is situated close to the Musée des Art Décoratifs. It is a pleasant hotel with cosy rooms.

Hôtel de Paris [16 rue de la Platiere,  +33 478280095, €65-90]  This is a good budget choice though the quartier can be a little noisy.  It is at the foot of the hill of Crois-Rousse and next to the Museum of Beaux-Arts. 

Hôtel De la Marne [78 rue de la Charité  +33 478370746, €63]   Placed a hundred etres from Perrache station, and close to Musée des Arts Décoratifs the rooms are comfortable, even cosy.  A plethora of restaurants are nearby.

Hôtel du Dauphin [9 Rue Victor Hugo , +33 478371834, €69 , €49 on weekends]  Du Dauphin represents great value for money in an excellent location just a short stroll from the metro in Bellecour or to Perrache.  The rooms are rather small but clean and functional.

Hôtel des Célestins [4 rue des Archers +33 472560898 €71-169] sits in the Presqui’le mid-section. It features elegant, traditional décor, with rooms either facing the theatre (higher rate) or the courtyard.
Hôtel Saint Paul‎ [6 rue Lainerie, +33 478281329‎, €74]  This hotel has one of the best locations in Lyon, right in the heart of the old town and very easy to find via metro/trolleybus/walking. The staff are very friendly with décor that is not wonderful but definitely adequate for the price.

Hôtel La Résidence  [18, Rue Victor Hugo, +33 478426328‎, €84]  Very, friendly, decent hotel in a quiet central location on a pedestrian street just off the beautiful Place Bellecour.  It is close to city centre, sightseeing, dining, train station, metro.  The rooms are spacious and bathrooms are spotlessly clean even though the building is a little old fashioned.

Hôtel des Artistes [8, rue Gaspard-André, +33 478420488 €90-135] stands at the western end of Presqui’le, close to the Fourviére hills. Its lobby is painted in rich, dramatic colours, while its rooms are toned down- painted in neutrals, with simplistic décor. This recently modernized hotel overlooks a quiet plaza in front of the Theatre des Celestins on the opposite oside of the river to the old city. The rooms are spacious and pretty, but most of all the hotel location is excellent allowing you to walk everywhere

Collége Hôtel [5 Place Saint-Paul +33 472100505 €125-155] is located in the heart of Vieux Lyon. The hotel sticks to the school theme, by decorating the place with ochre furnishings, a library, black and white pictures of students in the lift and blackboards in the reception. Its rooms however, are starkly white with minimalistic décor.

Le Royal [Place Bellecour 20 +33 478375731 approx €150-250] stands in the central Presqui’le quarter. It is a historic hotel that has been functioning since 1895. Elegance is its middle name and each room is an example of French bourgeoisie living. High-end and pricey, the hotel adjusts its rates according to seasons and availability.

Cours des Loges [2,4,6,8 rue du Bœuf +33 472774444 €240-505] is located close to Musée Cadagne. The hotel comprises of four 14th to 17th century buildings that linked by an old traboule. It features Italian Renaissance décor with strong wood beam frameworks and exquisite furnishings. Its rooms uphold this feel and are well-decorated with preserved antiques.
  The wow factor is palpable when you walk into the atrium formed by the enclosed cloisters.  There are some with quirky bedroom windows that are difficult to open and close, but this is a small price to pay for experiencing this rare piece of history.