The name FRANCE POITOU-CHARENTE VIENNE Futuroscope [+33 549495906 http://uk.futuroscope.com ad/ch €(17-68)/(10-49)] probably says it all- futuristic and cutting-edge; this giant-theme park even comprises of buildings that live up to these adjectives. Located just 10km off Poitiers, Futuroscope sees millions of visitors annually, thanks to its sci-fi type attractions.

Opened in 1987, Futuroscope comprises of several 3D and 4D cinemas; as well as simulator rides. Its main shows or sights are located in the Kinémax,a building that looks like rising rock crystals, Digital City, Magic Carpet (seeming like an optic fibre bundle), as well as a large open-air children’s playground and an open air lakeside amphitheatre. Many head to Futuroscope for its advanced simulator rides such as The Future is Wild – which seats visitors in a “safari car”, arming them with binoculars and sensor bracelets that allow them to communicate with animal species that have been extinct for millions of years. The park’s theatres are also home to a several 3D shows (most popular: Cosmic Collisions) that allow visitors to have a realistic experience of places that are usually impossible to get to. Most of these shows are conducted in more than one language, so make sure that you get your hands on the right headset.

The theme park’s open air playground features wet and dry rides, while the amphitheatre plays host to fireworks and laser shows.

Futuroscope covers about 131 acres; hence it will probably take about 5 hours for visitors to sight the main attractions in the place- 2 whole days if you would like to see everything. So come prepared by checking out the sights that you want to get to and planning your route ahead. This giant park is also rather self-sufficient as it is home to several restaurants and hotels which can be booked online. Such arrangements are the reasons why Futuroscope is now a rival of the ever-popular Disneyland Paris. You can arive from Paris and other major cities by TGV train which has a station here.




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FUTROSCOPE:   1. Kinémax  2. Theatre Alphanumerique  3. Car park  4. La Crepe Volante (cafe)  5. Imagic  6. Magic Carpet  7. IMAX  8. 4D Cinema (north-east of map limit)  9. Digital City  10. Planetarium