FRANCE PACARDIE Lochnagar mine WikipediaThe tiny village of La Boiselle that is located northeast of Albert, houses perhaps the largest man-made crater in the planet- the La Grande Mine (also known as the Lochnagar Crater- named after the trench that was located here) []. The ‘crater’ lies on the southern end of the village, along a minor road and was created back in July 1st, 1916, when the Battle of Somme began. Several mines and more than 26 tons of explosives were hurled in this area on the first day of the battle, resulting in this crater that measures 90 feet deep and 300 feet across. The Lochnagar Crater is now owned by an Englishman, Richard Dunning, who saved the crater from being filled in the seventies. He bought it over to preserve the area as a commemorative site for the men and women who lost their loves in the battle. Hence, a Commemoration Ceremony is held here annually.



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