Near Angers

 Château de Serrant
ying west of Angers is the grandiose Château de Serrant [route nationale 49 170 ST Georges Sur Loire+33 241391301, ad/ch €9.50/6]. The castle was built in the early 16th century in a Renaissance style, with fawn-and-cream tufa stones and bell-shaped, slate towers. 
The castle was initially owned by the Brie family from the 14th century. However, proper works started on the building, only in the early 16th century, by Charles de Brie. Following this, the ownership of the castle, changed hands numerous times and works proceeded again, only in the 17th century- this time by order of its new owner Guillaume de Bautru.   The castle has a sizeable library that houses over 12 000 books, vaulted walls and the Chamber Empire- specially built for Napoleon, who unfortunately spent only two hours here.

Château de Brissac
Situated south of Angers, is the tallest castle of France- the Château de Brissac [Rue Louis Moron,  +33 241912221, Guided tours ad/ch €9/4.50]. This building was originally built as a fortified castle in the 11th century, by the Anjou counts. However, it was later passed on to the nobles and is now recognised as a noble mansion. Hence, the building was reconstructed in the 15th and 16th centuries, bearing a Baroque style exterior as evidence. Today, the castle is still owned by a member of the noble, de Cossé family.

Being the tallest castle, Château de Brissac has 7 stories with 204 rooms in total. It is filled with plush furnishing, decked out in chandeliers and ornate tapestries. It is also surrounded by a large park, a 19th century stable and a vineyard.

If you’ve always dreamt of living the royal life in a castle, you might want to take up the château offers of its chamber d’hotes (4 rooms which it has opened up as accommodation for guests who are willing to pay the price: €390 per night, excluding the €80 for dinner).


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1. Château de Serrant  2. Château de Brissac