LOIRE VALLEY laval, château et vieux pontLaval  (pop 51,000) is dissected longitudinally by the Mayenne River and was home to famous names like Ambroise Paré, Alfred Jarry and Rousseau.

With history dating back beyond the Hundred Years War, Laval has managed to retain some of the remnants from its past with structures such as the Vieux-Château [17 Place de la Trémoille] which dates back to the 13th century on average and the Tour Renaise [R. des Fossès] which was built as part of a great medieval wall. The city also has streets such as Rue de la Trinité, which are lined with medieval houses- each flaunting a character of its own.

As a tribute to Rousseau, the Vieux-Castle houses the Musée d’Art Naïf [+33 243533989 ad/ch €1/Free]- a museum which specially focuses on the school or movement of naïve art (characterised by simplicity of subject matter and technique). The city’s old botanical garden of Perrine [17 Allée Adrien Bruneau] is also worth checking out, as it was founded in 1885 and still houses some rare tree species.

You can arrive at Laval via train at place de la Gare, located on the east of the city.  







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LAVAL1. Tourist office  2. Train station (north-west of map limits; zoom out 2 clicks to view)  3. Vieux-Château & Musée d’Art Naïf  4. Tour Renaise  5. Perrine Jardin