Place VendômePlace Vendôme is an octagonal shaped space that is surrounded by arcaded and colonnaded buildings. The entire area was built between 1687 and 1721 and it is home to numerous posh and important buildings, such as the Ministry of Justice (standing here since 1815).

However, its most prominent feature is the Vendôme Column that stands tall in the middle of the square. The column was erected by the orders of Napoleon I, to commemorate the Battle of Austerlitz. As such; a 160m long bronze spiral that is made from the 1250 Austrian and Russian canons that were captured during this battle in 1805, envelops the column’s stone core. Moreover, the bas-relief bronze plates on this spiral celebrate his subsequent victories (until 1807 at least). Destroyed during the Paris Commune (1871), the column was then completely restored in 1874, together with the life-size statue of Napoleon himself, crowning the structure, as Roman emperor.