FRANCE PARIS Moulin rouge The Pigalle Quarter lies sandwiched between the 9th and 18th arondissements, just a few metres south of Montmatre’s residential blocks. Named after the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, the area is a famous red-light district and is home to world renowned cabarets like Moulin Rouge and Divan du Monde. Besides that, Pigalle is also known for bringing a memorable Paris’ nightlife experience to visitors, with its countless bars and nightclubs.

Moulin Rouge
The iconic red windmill of the Moulin Rouge [82 Boulevard de Clichy +153098282 €90-150] cabaret has been turning since its founding in 1889 by Joseph Ollar. The birthplace of the famous can-can dance is now a popular tourist destination that is well decorated in a turn of the century style. Starting off as a stage for the dances of courtesans, the Moulin Rouge has evolved since then to become a pioneer in the cabaret business all over the world. Today, it still entertains many with its upbeat musical numbers that can be enjoyed over dinner.

Musée de l’Erotisme
Rightfully set in the Pigalle district, the Musée de L’Erotisme [72 Blvd de Clichy +33 142582873 €9] displays erotic art from over four continents. Its large collection comprises of over 2000 statues, paintings and fetish items that illustrate the sexual trends of the days gone by. The museum’s collection ranges from erotic art that date back to the ancient Egyptian times to more contemporary ones.