Established in 1714 by Louis XIV, the Opéra Comique  Opéra Comique [5 rue Favart, +33 142444540] is one of the oldest opera houses in France.  While the ornate building initially housed comedic performances exclusively, it has now branched out into other areas as well. Named one of the theatres of the Paris National Opera, the Opéra Comique is also known as Salle Favart. The current Salle Favart (built by Louis Bernier between 1893 and 1898) is the 3rd Salle to be built here, as the previous two were destroyed in separate fire accidents. The current Salle Favart stands at a height of 36m and it still retains the old theatre in its heart (which is able to seat over 1200 people). Its interior is filled with rich detailing that reflects the transitory period during which, the building was erected. Almost all public spaces are lined with marble flooring and many walls are decorated with vast paintings. Meant to be a place of inspiration, the Opéra Comique has transformed over the years, from being a theatre reserved for the upper class, to acting as a theatre ambassador to the general public.

Passage des Panoramas is located just off rue Vivienne. Built in 1799 as a commercial passageway, the area used to house stores dealing with the philatelic trade among others. Today, it holds a myriad of businesses ranging from bars to galleries under its old roof that marries the tradition of the building with its contemporary shops.