FRANCE PARIS musée Guimet
Paris’s Musée Guimet des Arts Asiatiques [6, place d’Iéna , +33 156525300 ad/ch €7.50/5.50] features the largest collection of Asian artworks outside the continent. Created by Emile Guimet- a well-travelled industrialist, the museum features the results of his intense art collecting efforts during his journeys. A few years into his purchases, Emile Guimet decided that he would require an exhibition space for his artworks, as the collection had grown quickly. Therefore, he set up his first museum in Lyon (his birthplace) in 1879. However, the collection was bought over by the state shortly after and was transferred to the museum in Paris in 1885.
This comprehensive ensemble of artworks comprises of artefacts and paintings from all over Asia (from as far as the Asia-Afghan border, China, Southeast Asia and India). Some collections even feature objet d’arts from the ancient Roman, Grecian and Egyptian times. The Panthéon Boudhiqque (a wing of the museum) houses Guimet’s original collection and hence, is filled with mandala prints and Japanese silk paintings that date back to the 18th century. This active museum is still involved in archaeological digs and hosts thematic exhibitions from time to time.