Musée CarnavaletMusée Carnavalet [23 rue de Sevigne +33 144595811 ad/ch €4.50/Free] is also known as Musée de l’Historie de Paris. Documenting the history of Paris, this museum stands in the one of the oldest areas in Paris; housed in two magnificent buildings- Hôtel Carnavalet (a Renaissance hotel) and Hôtel le Peletiér de Saint-Fargeac (a 17th century hotel). The museum houses some of the most important documents of the French nation and it attempts to present a timeline of Paris’ evolution with its many paintings and artefacts that date back to the Gallo-Roman era. It displays objects and paintings from the French Revolution, art-nouveau (19th-earl 20th century) jewellery from Georges Fouquet’s boutique, as well as various decorative arts from the reign of Louis the XV and Louis XVI.  The museum also features themed tours.