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Situated on the left bank of the Seine River, the Montparnasse section got its name from Mont Parnassus- a mythological place that was said to be the home of the Greek Goddesses of arts and science. Befittingly, this famous section was once the centre of Paris’s intellectual and artistic evolution. Great names such as Chagall, Picasso, Stravinsky, Hemingway and political exiles like Lenin and Trotsky hung out here, post-WWII. This bohemian reputation stayed with it till the late 1930s. However, upon several reconstructions, Montparnasse has lost its ‘artist-cred’ and is now home to countless cafes and restaurants that boast a glorious past.

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The Tour Montparnasse [33 avenue du Maine, +33 145385256 ad/ch €6.90/3.70] is a heavily criticised skyscraper that was created in 1974. The 210m tall steel and glass structure boasts over 50 floors with an observatory in the 56th level and an open-air terrace in the 59th level. As most Parisians loathe giant, nondescript structures in their lively skyline many joke that the best view of Paris is from atop Tour Montparnasse, as it is the only place where you can’t see the building.