Jardin des PlantesJardin des Plantes [+33 140795601] is the Parisian botanical gardens. It was founded in 1626 for medicinal purposes, by Louis XIII’s physician, Guy de la Brosse. Initially closed to the public, the gardens were officially opened to visitors only in 1640, upon the addition of some decorative features. Currently Jardin des Plantes comprises 11 gardens that have all been laid out in a grid network across the 24 hectare space also sheathing several museums (collectively known as the museum of natural history).

The most popular gardens in this area are the Jardin Ecologique – a forest-like space that is only accessible via guided tours, Jardin Alpine [ad/ch €1/0.5] – home to mountainous plant species and the Rose Garden. The Jardin des Plantes is also home to many different species of birds and insects and as such, is a popular place of study for both animal biology and botany students. In fact, an entire area known as the École Botanique is especially reserved for these students. You will also find numerous giant greenhouses in the vicinity, catering to such studies. While admission to the botanical gardens is free, certain sections (such as the Alpine garden and Great greenhouses) require an entrance fee.