FRANCE PARIS Institut de France aThe Institut de France [23 Quai Conti +33 144414441] stands on a quayside on St-Germain and is connected to the Louvre end of Paris via an elegant footbridge- Pont des Arts. Posited at the end of the bridge, this domed building was founded in 1795 (during the French Revolution). It is an academic institution that is home to 5 academies (all concerned with the arts and sciences), which collectively manage over a thousand foundations and are in charge of presenting awards related to these branches. The institute honours dedicated academics by awarding them the title of Académicien and Immortel  and it still functions as an active educational institution, as it continues to host lectures on a myriad of topics ranging from philosophy to math.

This working building is also open to casual visitors who would like to sight its impressive architecture, particularly its huge courtyard. On your lucky day, you might get a visitors pass to the exquisite Mazarine library featuring centuries-old books, chandeliers and Corinthian columns.