Paris 1er saint eustacheBuilt between 1532 and 1632, Eglise St-Eustache [2 Impasse Saint Eustache +33 142363105 Guide tours €3] stands a the entrance of the Les Halles marketplace. (See photo above) The Gothic church started off as a parish and it got its current name from a Roman general, who was burned with his family for converting to Christianity.

Eglise St-Eustache is shorter than most Gothic churches as it has some Renaissance detailing as well (e.g. the left tower at the main façade). However, it maintains the typical flying buttresses outside and high ceilings inside. Once an important church (as it was the site of the communion of Louis XIV), the building continues to maintain its reputation by housing several paintings by Sir Peter Raul Rubens and sculptures such as the L’écoute (at its south entrance). The church is also home to the largest pipe organ in France.