Established in 1798, the famous Cimetiére du Montmatre [West of the Butte Montmartre and north of bd. de Clichy] lies in the western part of the arrondissement. Due to the district’s artistic status, many well-known musicians, writers, filmmakers and dancers have been buried. The long list of ‘lodgers’ includes names such as Émile Zola (who was exhumed and moved to the Panthéon in 1908), Alexandre Dumas, Edgar Degas, Hector Berlioz, Stendhal and François Truffaut. The cemetery was also once used for mass burials of the victims of the Commune and Siege attacks. To avoid feeling like a rat in a maze, try to get hold of a map with the locations of the tombs (usually available at the conservation office at the entrance).