Belleville: 20e

Haut de BellevilleBelleville (beautiful town) is a lively section of Paris that is home to a broad range of ethnic groups. Once a working class neighbourhood, Belleville became famous for its strong support of the Paris Commune in the 19th century. From then on, it attracted many immigrants from all over- it has the second largest Chinese community in Paris and is also home to a significant population of Armenians, who fled here during the Ottoman Armenian massacres in 1915. Other ethnicities found in the area, include Africans, Greeks and Jews.

Located on the Belleville hill, Parc de Belleville [47 rue des Couronnes] is the highest park in Paris. Once a place of religious congregation- this plot of land used to house many vineyards, which led way to Belleville’s reputation for cheap wine. The park, which was opened in 1988, still maintains a vineyard in this memory. Besides being the highest park, Parc de Belleville is also home to the highest water fountain (a 400m waterfall-like fountain) and thousands of tall trees. The park is also known for hosting an annual flower exhibition festival.