A huge public park located between rue de Monge and rue des Arénes, sees many ordinary Parisians chilling out with a book or playing team games over the weekends. Known as Arénes de Lutéce [47 rue de Monge], this seemingly ordinary park was once a large Gallo-Roman amphitheatre with a capacity of over 15 000. Remains of this ancient amphitheatre were found in the 19th century and it has been speculated that this arena was used for sports and theatre. Believed to be constructed in 1 AD, the amphitheatre’s cubbyholes can still be seen, completely fitted with gates (suspected to be animal cages). Although parts of the amphitheatre have been lost to modern construction and the present-day bleachers are unoriginal, the history of the place can still be felt in its ancient stones.  The park can be accessed via rue de Monge, rue de Navarre through a gate; or Square Capitan at 10, rue des Arènes.