Eiffel Tower: 7th Arrondissement

Eiffel Tower

The great dame of all Paris icons, the Eiffel Tower [+33 892701239 www.tour-eiffel.com ad/ch €4.50-8.10/3.00-4.00 (depending on the level you visit and if you take the lift or stairs)], was initially created as nothing more than a temporary exhibition for a World Fair in 1889. Despite satiating the Parisian hunger for grand structures, the massive tower didn’t fit their bill of a refined architectural creation; hence, it was scheduled to be demolished just twenty years after its construction. Thankfully the tower was saved, when the French needed it for a wireless telegraphy network in 1909.

Since then , the Eiffel tower has seen millions of visitors every year (average of 7 million in recent years) , all coming to catch a panoramic view of Paris from the 300m (excluding the television antenna) tall tower that comprises of over 7000 tonnes of iron. The height of the tower varies seasonally, on an average of 15cm as it expands and contracts relative to the weather. The ground level of the tower houses the information kiosk and you can climb your way up the 1st and 2nd levels from here, or take an elevator ride up. The first level houses a restaurant as well as galleries that provide interesting information about the tower (such as its movement with the wind), while the second level offers a 360 degree view of Paris, accompanied by the popular Jules Verne restaurant. The top (only accessible via a glass elevator) also has an observatory, but its views are heavily influenced by the moody weather. Hence, most visitors claim to have a better view of the city from the observatory on the second level instead.