Île St Louis is the more easterly of the two natural islands on the Seine River. Located upstream from the popular Île de la Cité, Île St- Louis, is the smaller of the two. Currently a quaint, residential area, St-Louis was once nothing more than a wood stocking, cattle grazing plot of land. It remained largely uninhabited until its development in the 17th century, when King Louis VIII commissioned the building of bridges and homes on the island. Interested in its real estate potential, the king, two financers and a contractor erected two stone bridges connecting the island to the mainland, as well as many residential buildings along the quay. Today, the island remains similar to what is was in the past, with the same riverside grey-stone houses dominating its landscape. Quiet and village-like, this charming island offers little in terms of sights- with the only attraction being its French Baroque-style church, Église St Louis en l’Île [19 bis rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, +33 146341160]. However, it is popular amongst those looking for a short break from the hustle and bustle in central Paris.

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