Isle de la Cite
le de la Cité is usually referred to as the epicenter of Paris and is one of the two natural islands along the Seine River and connected to the body of Paris by Pont Neuf. This island was where the first Parsii settlements were made; hence, it has always been a historical site. Its centralized location is not an exaggeration, as it is literally where the ‘zero’ point of France exits. Denoted by a bronze star this zero point (on Place du Parvis de Notre Dame) is the starting point of the calculation of road distances from Paris to anywhere else on France. 

The island is dense with Parisian highlights and spans two arrondissements, with the boundary of the first and fourth arrondissements bisecting it along the north-south axis.  On the Île de la Cité you will find the splendid Sainte Chapelle, restful Place Dauphin, imposing   Conciergerie (all in 1er) and last but not least, Notre Dame Cathedral (in 4e).