NORMANDY SEINNE-MARITIME DieppeDieppe (pop 34,000) has been a seaside resort since 1824. Its limestone cliffs and pebble beaches have constantly beckoned many artistes in need of inspiration, to the area. However, its natural beauty has been tainted by bloody battles throughout history, such as those during the Hundred Years War and the Dieppe Raid. One of the more poignant battles was the Canadian infantry fights (on behalf of the Allied forces) that took place in Dieppe in 1942. Many Canadian soldiers lost their lives in this fight and no major objective was achieved in the end. However, the lessons learnt from this aided in Dieppe’s liberation two years later, in 1944.

Dieppe is located on the Manche Coast; with a body of water dissecting the rectangular land mass centrally. The ports are located here with Quai Henry IV and Quai Duquesne lining its eastern edge. The Dieppe ferry terminal is located in the northeast [Terminal Transmanche 76200 Dieppe, +33 232145205] and the train station is located in the southeast [Boulevard Georges Clemenceau, +33 235824810]. Dieppe beach is up north with the lawns nearby, bordered by Bd de Verdum. The inland roads of Grande Rue and rue de la Baree are well pedestrianised.



The grand central landmark of Dieppe is the Château Musée [Rue de Chastes, +33 235066199 , www.dieppe.fr/mini-sites/chateau-musee ad/ch €3.50/Free]. It is a 15th century castle museum which houses exhibits of the city’s maritime and artistic history. Most notably, it holds a collection of ivory carvings made in the 17th century, carved from the tusks of West African elephants. 

At the foot of the castle and nearby cliffs, is the modern Casino de Dieppe [3 Boulevard de Verdun, +33 232144800, www.casinodieppe.com/], which is a seaside gambling hotspot that also offers interesting entertainment activities.

NORMANDY SEINNE-MARITIME Dieppe Cathédrale de DieppeVisiting the Église St Jacques [4, rue Sainte Catherine, +33 235842165 http://dieppe.ouest.free.fr/ ] is also a popular activity, as this 13th century Gothic style church, not only looks intriguing but also houses a 16th century freize and 17th century stained glass paintings inside.
You can also pay your respects to the Canadian soldiers who lost their lives here, during WWII, at the Canadian Military Cemetery, which is on the path towards Rouen. 
Strolling along the ports is another popular activity, as Dieppe’s Ports still harbour old fishing boats and new pleasure vessels. Another place for a good ‘walk-see’ is the Dieppe Beach. It is a 1.8km long pebble beach which is located right beside the Lawns, which were built by Napoleon III, in 1860. The beach and lawns also have a playground and a mini-golf centre to keep the kids occupied.

Normandy Dieppe Kite Festival  Every even numbered year, Dieppe garners worldwide attention, as it plays host to the International Kite Flying Festival [http://dieppe-cerf-volant.org/dccv/ukaccueil.html]. You can visit the city in September to watch this spectacularly colourful event.

The Cite de la Mer [37 Rue de l'Asile Thomas,  +33 235069320,  http://estrancitedelamer.free.fr/ ad/ch €6/3.50], is  dedicated to displaying the maritime history of the city. However, it also focuses on the marine life in the area. The museum has 5 large aquariums that hold sizeable specimens of fish and crustaceans from the nearby waters.