Deauville (pop 4,000) is a chic, seaside resort town. Once a swamp, it became a rich man’s paradise upon its discovery in 1861, by the half—brother of Napoleon III. It quickly became a fashionable holiday resort for the international upper class. Often touted to be the ‘Queen of Norman beaches’, Deauville is also speculated to be the birthplace of Coco Chanel’s clothing line career.

Deauville is west of River Toques. The train station is on its extreme east [Place Louis Armand] and the bus station is right beside. Both are located close to the Trouville linkage – Pont des Belges.






FR NORMANDY CALVADOS Deauville American Film Festival Many beach-goers flock to the Deauville beach in summer. The beach features a 643m boardwalk- Promenade des Planches which is lined with cabins that are named after American film stars and a 50m covered Olympic pool nearby.

Due to its long equestrian tradition, Deauville is also a popular horse racing [ ] destination. It hosts a variety of races from flat to steeplechases that are held between July and October, with a few winter races as well.

 Deauville’s festivals are perhaps more famous than Deauville’s sights. The American Film Festival [] is a 10-day affair held in September, which is more public-friendly than its hyped counterpart Cannes. However, you can still spot a few Hollywood stars when the festival is at its peak. The town also hosts an Asian film Festival [].