NORMANDY EURE Évreux Cathedral WikipediaÉvreux is the capital town of the Eure department, which sits atop the Iton River. It was initially inhabited by the Gallic tribe of Eburovices, from which its modern-day name is derived from. The town is enclosed by lush greenery and has a rich political and religious history.

A French national monument, the Évreux Cathedral (Cathedrale Notre-Dame d’Évreux) [19 rue Charles Corbeau, 27000 Évreux +33 232334536], is an ancient Roman Catholic Cathedral which features a mix of architectural styles from the earlier 11th century Gothic style on the exterior to contemporary interior décor. The cathedral also houses a remarkable collection of stained glass paintings which date back to the 13th century.

Évreux was once home to the ancient Gallo-Roman city of Gisacum and much of this ancient city’s relics are still preserved in the Archaeological Garden of Gisacum [8 rue des Thermes, +33 232319478 Free]. This site, transports visitors back to the Roman times using models, tours and displays of the archaeological findings.