Étretat (pop 1600) is a former ‘fishing village turned seaside resort town’. It has attracted many artistes over the years, including Eugéne Boudin and Claude Monet. It was also a prominent setting in the 1909 novel, The Hollow Needle, by Maurice Leblanc.

NORMANDY falaise


The place is best known for its beachside cliffs; the most famous being the twin cliffs – Falaise d`Aval and Falaise d`Amont (see above photo). The cliffs’ freestanding arcs are usually the ‘wow’ factor. Falaise d`Aval has one of its own and another further down the cliff in La Manneporte. Falaise d`Amont also features an arc, together with a memorial erected to commemorate The White Bird- a 1927 biplane, carrying two French war heroes who were last seen there, before mysteriously disappearing over the Atlantic Ocean. Hiking along these cliff trails is a popular seaside activity.