Avioth is a surreptitiously alluring small town that lies near the Belgium border. Often overlooked on a traveller’s map, it is worth a daytrip if you are a church-tourist or a pilgrim looking for a miracle or two.

A must-see is the Basilica of Avioth that boasts outlandish gothic architecture from the 15th century. Its august appearance bears a foreboding charm further heightened by its interior stained glass windows that refract sunlight onto  on the stone walls. La Recevresse that lies on the left side of the Basilica’s southern portal was built to receive the offerings that pilgrims bring till this day. The statue of Madonna and Child, Our Lady of Avioth possesses a legendry ability to perform miracles that include curing serious diseases and bringing stillborn infants back to life for a period long enough to get baptised. 

If you have some time, take a tour north just across the Belgium border to the medieval ruins of the formal Orval Abbey and walk around the intricate maze of yellow ochre high walls flanked by woodland. You can also test the holy grail of brews- the trappist beer. Now manufactured in the Abbey Notre Dame D’Orval, the beer has a distinctive orange hue and a smooth smoky malt flavor.





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AVIOTH1. Tourist office  2. Town Hall  3. Basilica Notre Dame  4. Orval Abbey (north of map limits; zoom out 6 clicks