Unlike its red neighbour, Turenne (pop 770) is dominated by the hues of grey and honey-coloured stones. Another of Limousin’s beautiful villages, it still has some of its 13th façade intact. Turrene became a feudal state after the Crusades and enjoyed virtual soverignty from the king until the 18th century.  Indeed Viscounty was free of taxation and the Viscount of Turrene was free to mint their ownn coins.  All that changed when the feifdom was sold to Louis XV to pay for the gambling depts of the last Viscount, forcing it into the taxation umbrella of the Crown.

Turenne stands on a hilltop, crowned by the towering local château [+33 555859066 ad/ch €4/Free] which was built to protect the seat of the Vicomtes de Turenne. The castle is home to the 12th century César Tower and a 14th century clock tower. Today, most of the château’s grounds have degenerated, leaving behind just a few areas, such as the ramparts and the guard rooms.

The rest of the village lies humbly below the castle, with the tourist office at its base. The office organises guided tours as well as a costumed promenade in summer.

There isn’t any public transport within the village as it is best explored on foot.



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TURENNE:   1. Tourism Office  2. Château du Turenne