FRANCE LIMOIUSIN HAUTE-VIENNE Rochechouart simulation of crater

Rochechouart (pop 3,900) is best known for the meteorite that hit Earth 214 million years ago. This town was the exact spot in which the 6 billion tonne Rochechouart meteorite landed, causing the commune to be dubbed the “countryside of meteorite”. Today, little evidence of this galactic event remains, except for a 20km wide 6km deep crater and a few unusual rocks.  Indeed,  most of the original which have been used for construction over the years (the photo at the left is a simulation of the site a few years after impact.)  More information and educational displays of meteors can be found in the local Éspace Météorite Paul Pellas [16 rue Jean Parvy, +33 555030270  ad/ch €4/Free].


FRANCE LIMOIUSIN HAUTE-VIENNE Rochechouart ChâteauThe 13th century Château de Rochechouart belonged to the powerful family of the Viscounts of Rochechouart, who held the area for 800 years. While construction of the castle began in the 13th century, restoration and expansion works continued well into the 15th century, causing the building to sport certain French Renaissance features as well.  The château was once home to numerous galleries, therefore today, it rightfully functions as the home of the Musée Départmental d’Art Contemporain [Place du Château, +33 555037777  ad/ch €4.60/2.30
] which showcases the works of many artists, including those of Dadaist Raoul Haussman as well a roomful of 16th century frescos.


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ROCHECHOUART:   1. Combined Tourism Office for Rocechouart and Saint Junien (north west of map limits in Saint Junien; zoom out 5 clicks to view)   2. Château de Rochechouart & Musée Départmental d’Art Contemporain