FRANCE LIMOUSIN CREUSE Guéret Vassivière en Limousin

Guéret (pop 15,000) is the capital of the Creuse department, located northwest of Limoges, and nestled in a forested area sprinkled with villages and parklands. The town itself has few tourist options; however, it is usually frequented as a base to explore the surrounding areas.       

The most popular tourist attraction is the local Château de Moneyroux also (mistakenly) known as the Château des Comtes de la Marche [4 place Louis Lacrocq, +33 544302323]. Built in the 15th century by a local Lord, the building sports a pretty Gothic façade, complete with finials and pinnacles. It is currently functioning as the department’s administrative headquarters and is open to visitors during public holidays.

Just south of the town, is the Chabriéres Forest, which is home to a dense population of fir, oak and birch trees as well as Le Parc Animalier des Monts de Guéret [9 avenue Charles de Gaulle, +33 555812323 ad/ch €8.50/7]. The protected parkland is a 12 hectare space that sheathes free roaming wolves in a semi-enclosed area, which allows visitors to observe these mysterious animals in their natural habitat.       

If you head further down, you will find one of France’s largest permanent mazes, known as the Labyrinthe Géant [Route de Bourganeuf, +33 555410197 €6.50/4.50] - a 2 hectare, green maze that will leave you lost for words and directions. 


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GUÉRET:   1. Tourism Office  2. Train station  3. Château de Moneyroux  4. Chabriéres Forest (south of map limits)  5. Labyrinthe Géant (south of map limits)  6. Le Parc Animalier des Monts de Guéret (office)