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Aubusson (pop  4,250) lies at the confluence of the River Creuse and its tributaries. Instead of housing grand attractions to entice visitors, the humble town simply showcases its craftworks to lure you in. For centuries, Aubusson has had a stellar reputation for its tapestries; so much so that the town has been dubbed the capital of Tapestry/Carpet-making. The origin of the craft is still debatable, but the quality of the work is undoubtedly excellent. Characterised by rich colours and intricate detailing, the tapestries of Aubusson have adorned the walls of many noble houses in France as well as overseas. Originating almost 600 hundred years ago, this craft steadily grew in town, until the French Revolution. After the political upheaval, the industry suffered greatly and continued to decline. It was not until the end of WWII that the tapestry/carpet-making industry revived itself in Aubusson, with the invention of new techniques. Today, the industry is still reinventing itself, as the town is home 20 artisan workshops and 15 carpet manufacturers (most of which are open to the public). Many visitors travel to Aubusson to place a personalised order for their dream carpet, which can be purchased at wholesale prices (contact the tourist office for more information).

FRANCE LIMOUSIN CREUSE Aubusson Tabard square
If you would like to find out more about these tapestries, you can head to the local Musée Départmental de la Tapisserie [116 Avenue des lissiers, +33 555830830 ad/ch €5/Free], which documents the tradition and evolution of the local carpet and tapestry weaving industry.

For a more vintage experience, you can pop by the Maison de Tapisseir [69 Rue Vieille, +33 555663212 ad/ch €5/Free] – a 16th century mansion that recreates a 17th century weaver’s workshop, complete with tools, antique furniture and traditional tapestries. Guided tours of the mansion can be arranged via the tourist office.     

Aubusson is also home to many historic buildings, as its skyline is dominated by ancient towers and tall turrets of old granite houses, each adding character to the town’s façade.




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AUBUSSON:   1. Tourism Office  2. Maison de Tapisseir  3. Musée Départmental de la Tapisserie