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Diminutive Arnac-Pompadour (pop 1,280) is also known as the Horse City, as it is the headquarters of the French National Stud and the central breeding ground of Anglo-Arabian horses. This equestrian tradition began back in the 18th century, when the mistress of Louis XV born as Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, resided here. Arnac-Pompadour is also famous for hosting a string of equestrian events (such as show-jumping and races) in summer. It also dedicates an entire day to the less majestic but equally useful cousin of the horses, donkeys, on the National Donkey Day. 




FRANCE LIMOUSIN CORREZZE Arnac Pompadour arabian horseMadame Poisson was one of the king’s favourites and she received the  Château de Pompadour  [Allée des Marronniers, +33 555985110] which originally belonged to the House of Pompadour, a local noble family. The stoic 11th century structure was rebuilt in the 15th century and became hers in 1745, leading to her permanent stay, as well as her elevation to the status of Madame de Pompadour, allowing her admission into the Royal Court She consequently developed a haras (stud farm) in the village. Since then, Arnac-Pompadour’s Haras quickly became one the leading farms in France, until it was named the Haras National in 1872. Today, the historic château’s terraces and its surrounding stables are open to the public. The town faces one of the most beautiful ‘hippodromes’ of France. With a 2 Km race track surrounded by forest, and 37 Ha of hilly terrain it is a highly versatile equestrian venue.  Contact the tourist office or Les Trois Tours (located in the castle) [+33 555985110] to arrange your visits.


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ARNAC-POMPADOUR:   1. Tourism Office  2. Château de Pompadour