Céret (pop 7,700) is a Catalan town located at the Pyrénées foothills close to the Tech valley. The lovely, idyllic town is spotted with cosy cafes and old buildings that lie along shady streets. The main sight that effectively draws visitors to the small town annually, is the Musée d’Art Moderne [8, Bd Maréchal Joffre, +33 468872776 ad/ch €8/Free]. The museum was established in 1950 by Pierre Brune and Frank Burnty Haviland, who were well acquainted with the artistes who lived in Céret periodically (namely, Picasso, Matisse , Gris and Sountine). Hence most of the museum’s collection comprises of works donated by these artistes themselves (Picasso and Matisse in particular). In fact, Céret had a reputation in the 20th century for being a very welcoming town to artistes regardless of their nationality. The museum’s modern art collection has an array of works from Chagall, Eduoard Pignon and Peter Brown, while its contemporary art collection features works from the seventies onwards.

The small town also hosts a surprising number of festivals. At the top of the list is the Fête de la Cerice -a cherry festival that celebrates the harvest of the local fruit that even the French president savours. Other festivals like the ferias (bullfights) and La fête de la Sardane (Catalan folk dance festival) also have a loyal following in summer.