FRANCE FRANCE-COMPTE HAUTE-SAONE Vesoul lake Barque en bord de Saône à SoingVesoul (pop 19,400) is the capital of the Haute-Saône department and is famously known for lending its name to Jacques Brel’s fast waltz number in 1968. Sandwiched between the La Motte hills and the Durgeon River, the town has a striking old city quarter, which is well-spotted with numerous private mansions that date back to the 15th century.

In its centre, lies the 18th century St Georges Church [8 Rue Presbytère, +33 384760558], which was built on the foundations of an 11th century chapel. Recently restored, the church features a myriad of styles in its interior, from the Renaissance to Baroque.

Nearby, is the local Musée Georges-Garret [1 rue des ursulines, +33 384765154 Free]. Established in 1882, the museum features architectural exhibits such as Gallo-Roman relics and artworks from artists such as, local painter-sculptor, Jean-Léon Gérome.

Vesoul is also home to a 95ha Lac de Vaivre that makes it a popular water-sport destination.




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VESOUL:   1. Tourist office  2. Train station (south of map limits)  3. Musée Georges-Garret  4. Lac de Vaivre  (west of map limits)