FRANCE FRANCE-COMPTE HAUTE-SAONE Notre-Dame-du-Haut ChapelRonchamp is a former mining town that boomed during the industrial ages. Nestled in the Rahin Valley, this small town has now become a quiet little village that houses a wierd yet asesthetic architectural sight- the Chapelle de Notre Dame du Haut (Chapel of Our lady of the Height) [+33 384206513]. Built between 1950 and 1955, this 20th century structure is an outstanding feature that comprises of an upturned roof (modelled after airfoils), coloured glass windows and other plastic features. It was constructed by Le Corbusier and was intended to renew a reformist church’s spirit by reflecting the sacral nature of the hilly landscape. In fact, this spot has long been of religious significance as it has a unique sight where the horizon can be seen from all four sides of the hill. Seeming like a concrete escarpment itself, the chapel is now more of an architectural pilgrimage site than a religious one.  


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RONCHAMP:   1.  Tourist office  2. Train station  3. Chapelle de Notre Dame du Haut