FRANCE FRANCHE-COMTE JURA Gruyère de ComtePoligny (pop 4,520) is a small industrial town that sits on the edge of a plateau, surrounded by limestone cliffs. Due to the many valleys that encircle it, Poligny is a regular feature on numerous hiking trails. It is also a home to the notable   caves (The Moonhole) that are situated east of town. These limestone caves are popular with visitors and are named as such, due to the many ‘faces’ on their walls.

However, Poligny is perhaps better known for being a cheese-making powerhouse that produces over 40 million tonnes of Comté cheese (also called Gruyère de Comté) per year! You can learn more about this process in the Maison du Comté [Ave de la Résistance +33 384372351 ad/ch €4/2.50] where almost 450 litres of milk is converted to 40kg of cheese, diffusing 83 different kinds of aromas!



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POLIGNY:   1. Train station (north of map limits)  2. Le Tron de la Lune  3. Maison du Comté