Château Chalon

FRANCE FRANCHE-COMTE JURA château chalonChâteau Chalon (pop 167) is a pretty hilltop village that spans no more that 50 hectares. However, it has created a reputation for itself that is much bigger than this with its unique Vin Jaune (Yellow Wine) recipe, as well as making it onto the The Most Beautiful Villages of France list.

The Vin Jaune is a golden-yellow concoction that is noted for its distinct flavour, which results from heavy evaporation ('angel’s share') during the ageing process. This unique wine is bottled in unique clavelin bottles as well, which hold these drinks for centuries. Château-Chalon is a wine enthusiast’s haven (and heaven) as there are many place for you to go wine sampling. 

Besides that, the village is also a beautiful place for a stroll, with the ruins of a medieval castle and church standing at its gateway.





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