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The department of Aube was created from parts of the former Champagne province, during the early periods of the French Revolution. Located on the southwest side of the Champagne-Ardenne, the Aube department’s landscape is filled with undulating plains with chalky soil. Its lush natural environment comprising of forests, hills and huge lakes make it a good destination for nature lovers.

Aube has been a French territory since the 1st century and stayed that way till the 19th century, when the Russians occupied it momentarily during the Waterloo battle. The rich wine making tradition of the region also created some problems in Aube during the 20th century. The wine producers in the department fought for Champagne making rights, which were reserved especially for the Marne territory. These rights were eventually given to them only after some much bloodshed.

The Aube department also has a rich cultural heritage, as it is home to two abbeys and several churches that boast beautiful collections of stained glass paintings.