Near Orléans

CENTRE Château de Sully-sur-LoireChâteauneauf-sur-Loire is a small town located east of Orléans, near the Burgundy border. It is usually visited by tourists for its local château that houses the Loire’s Musée de la Marine [1 place Aristide Briand, +33 238468446, ad/ch €3.50/Free], which traces the history of the river trade in the region.

 Germigny-des-Pres is another small town located near Orléans, past Forêt d’Orleans. It is an old town that is best known for its rare Carolingian churches that date back to the 9th century. These churches have a unique Maltese cross layout.

 At St-Benoit-sue-Loire is the Abbaye de Fluery [ +33 238357243  (call for changes to scheduled visits only)] – a working abbey that is home to the Benedictine brotherhood. Tours are conducted of this place in summer, as it houses some interesting artefacts from St Benedict himself.    

 Standing southeast of St-Benoit-sur-Loire is the Château-de-Sully-sur-Loire [+33 238363686,, ad/ch €6/3 (guided tours cost more)]. The castle used to be the home of the dukes of Sully and is a true-blue castle-fort. Built in 1395, the castle stands rising above its glassy moat, protecting the Loire’s important crossings. Today is plays host to an annual outdoor music festival [] in June.






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EAST OF ORLEANS:   1. Musée de la Marine in Châteauneauf-sur-Loire  2. Carolingian churches in Germigny-des-Pres  3. Abbaye de Fluery in St-Benoit-sue-Loire  4.  Château-de-Sully-sur-Loire