Château de Langeais

CENTRE château de Villandry

Château de Langeais [33 Rue Anne de Bretagne, +33 247967260, ad/ch €8.20/5] stands on a promontory of the Roumen River. It was built as a fortress, in the 10th century by the Count of Anjou, Foulques Nerra, protecting the territory against attacks from the Count of Blois. For the rest of the century, the fortress shuffled back and forth at the hands of both Counts. All that is left of this era is the keep that was constructed by Nerra in 944, making it the oldest, surviving French structure.

The fortress fell to the Plantagenets in the 11th century and stayed with them until it became a procession of the French crown in the 13th century. In 1422, when Charles VII reigned, in the midst of the Hundred Years War, the neglected fort became home to a group of lawless armed bandits. Noticing their potential danger to the land, Charles VII destroyed most of the fortress, driving them out.

owever, due to its strategic location, his son- Louis XI built a castle here in the late 15th century. It was built with proper fortifications, as it was meant to protect the region from the attacks of the independent Duchy of Brittany. However, this function of the castle didn’t last for long.  In 1491 the historic marriage of Anne de Bretagne and Charles VII (son of Louis XI), took place in this very château, ensuring the union of Brittany and France. A wax re-creation of this historic event can be found in the castle.
oday, the château remains one of the few, truly authentic castles of France. Its walls, towers and even furniture date back to the 15th century (it even has a creaky drawbridge that welcomes you in!). This French historic monument also houses ancient Flemish and Aubusson tapestries in its interior (including the notable ‘Nine Worthies’ tapestry). Guided tours of the castle are available




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