Château de Cheverny

CENTRE château de ChevernyChâteau de Cheverny [1 Avenue Château, +33 254799629. ad/ch 7.50/Free (Prices vary with touring areas)] is the perfect example of French Classical architecture as it gives importance to the elements of symmetry, geometry and the overall harmony of style. The land was initially purchased by Hurault de Cherverny, but it was passed down and resold until the heir Philipe Hurault brought it back to the family in 1624. The construction of the château took place from then on, to 1634. Today, the castle remains pristinely close to its original architecture, as its ancient design and classic interior have hardly been tampered with.

Its interior is plush to say the least, as the castle rooms (such as the salon, formal dining room and bridal chamber) are decorated with one of a kind tapestries and objets d’art. Other areas like the children’s playroom and guard rooms retain their old aura, complete with Napoleon III-era toys, pike staffs and armour suits. The exterior is also grand, as it was built with gleaming stones which are highlighted by the rich greenery that encloses the castle.
esides its lavish décor and exquisite setting, the château is famous for inspiring the look of the iconic Marlinsparke Hall (Château de Moulinsart) in the popular Adventures of Tintin books. If you are a fan of these books, you will be able to note the similarities straight away, as the Belgian comic Hergé was inspired by the Château de Cheverny when drawing the ancestral home of Tintin’s sidekick, Captain Haddock. There is a small space within the castle grounds that is dedicated to the Le Secrets Moulinsart [ad/ch €4.50 (added to admission price)/Free] which exhibits the relations that the castle has with this fictional world.







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