Château de Chaumont

FRANCE CENTRE Chateau de Chaumont The Château de Chaumont Château de Chaumont [33 Rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny,  +33 254209922, ad/ch €15/5.50] presents a stoic façade, edged by a well-trimmed landscape park. This castle was the precursor of the Blois and Chenonceau castles/palaces, and was built on site in the 10th century by Eudes I Count of Blois. It was meant to act as a fortress, protecting Blois from the possible attacks of the Anjou Counts. A few decades later, the castle was handed over to the Amboise family, who held it for five centuries, until it was passed down to Pierre d’Amboise; whose rebellious acts got the place burned down by the king- Louis XI. It was then rebuilt between 1468 and 1510, by Charles de Amboise who updated the fortress castle, with Renaissance features. Shortly after its reconstruction, the castle was bought over by Catherine de Medicis, in 1550. She then forcefully sold it to Diane de Poiters (her husband’s mistress), upon the death her spouse- Henri II. In 1875, the castle was purchased by Princess de Broglie, who made major changes to the building’s interior; by modernising it to include electricity, central heating and renovating the stables to house their prized thoroughbreds.
oday, the castle acts as a tourist destination, frequented by many due to its eclectic mix of the ages, with a medieval exterior, 19th century interior and a famous park that plays host to the Festival International des Jardins []




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