FRANCE BURGUNDY YONNE Maison sur la place du Grenier à Sel, à Noyers sur SereinThe pretty, little village of Noyers-sur-Serein (pop 700) seems to be stuck in the past, with its cluster of medieval houses, pinnacles, cobblestoned streets with chalky and granite pavements, towers surrounded by the Serein River loop and stone gateways. This postcard-perfect village is nestled like a medieval gem and surrounded by pastoral plains. Even the good burghers of this fine town seem to think like their ancestors.  And they aren't fibbing it! 

You can pop by the Musée de Noyers [25 rue de Église, +33 386826606 ad/ch €4/2,] to see an interesting collection of Naïve art and figurines; however, the best option in Noyers is simpy to soak in the sights and sounds of the place on foot. Some of the exquisite nooks you might find yourself in include:

Place de la petite étape aux vins is a square surrounded by 16th century half-timbered houses decorated with carved pilasters; Place du marché au blé (corn market square) with its15th century Gothic pinnacles and carved capitals representing burghers of the militia, St Crépin (shoemakers’ patron saint) and St Crépinien (cobblers’ patron saint); L’église Notre Dame. built between 1491 and 1515 in a purely Gothic style The statue of Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle stands in the chapel in the south nave; and the ancient college founded in 1633 by the fathers of Christian Tenet. who taught in the college until the Revolution. A sun-dial is mounted to the wing of the building, with a Latin inscription about time flying.

A riverside walk through the village will bring you to the medieval ramparts and towers that pretty much enclose all of Noyers. The walls of the ramparts are 5 or 6 feet thick. They surround the town and are opened by 3 doors- porte de Tonnerre, ancienne porte venoise and porte d’Avallon Nineteen of the original 23 towers standing on the ramparts remain today, such as the Tour de la cave aux loups.

The Hôtel de Ville is worth a visit as it is Noyers' oldest house with foundations from the 12th century.  It was burnt down and rebuilt a number of times, with the latest  façade being built in 1765.  Check the back façade in the court yard where the jails were.

You can also make your way north of Noyers, along the Balade du Château (a walking trail) to sight a ruined castle that stands on the banks of the Serein River.


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  NOYERS-SUR-SEREIN:   1. Tourist office & place de Hôtel de Ville  2. Musée de Noyers  3. L’église Notre Dame