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Chablis (pop 2,500) is a prosperous and laidback town that is best known for producing the famous Chablis white wine. This dry white concoction is extracted from the Chardonnay grapes which grow particularly well in this region. Unlike most wine-growing towns and villages, Chablis’ vineyards do not act as the welcoming sight.

The vineyards are home to four different apellations- the Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and the Chablis Grand Cru. There is also a single vineyard that houses seven grand crus- the Blanchot, Bougros, Les Clos, Grenouilles, Preuses, Valmur and Vaudésir.

The Serein River runs through the northeastern end of town, where the vineyards. While the commercial streets such as rue Auxerroise and rue de Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, lie on the western section. The nearest train stations are at Auxerre and Tonnerre.

Apart from wine tasting, there is a handful of historic sights for you to ferret out. The Gothic Église St-Martin dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Founded in the 9th century by monks who were fleeing from Tours, the church stands in a pretty good condition.

If you head further south, you will arrive at the
18th century Porte Noël bastions which house atmospheric art exhibitions between June and August. There is also 16th century Synagogue just a short walk from here.

Hardly anyone leaves Chablis without stepping onto one of the local vineyard trails. The Sentier des Grands Crus and the Sentier des Clos are two of the longer and more popular walking trails. If you are up for winetasting after this, do head down to the La Chablisienne [8 blvd Pasteur, +33 386428998] cellar as it houses about five of the seven local grand crus.



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CHABLIS:   1. Tourist office  2. Église St-Martin  3. Porte Noël  4. Synagogue