Châtillon-sur-Siene (pop 5,700) is a small town that is located a few kilometres north of the famous Abbaye Fontenay (see below). The town’s main claim to fame is the Trésor de Vix – an impressive collection of Celtic, Etruscan and Greek objects that date as far back as the 6th century. This collection is housed in the 2000 square feet Museé du Pays Châtillonais [14 rue de la Libération, +33 380912467, ad/ch €7/3.50] and it features objects like the Celtic and Roman religious sculptures, fabrics that were used in the Renaissance period; as well as iron tools and weapons. The commercial town centre is also worth a visit as it is set beautifully on the Seine streams.

FRANCE BURGUNDY COTE D'OR The Vix KraterThe town centre is well connected to the Source de la Douix (pronounced dwee) – a deep spring that flows from a 30m cliff. Popular amongst the locals, this site offers a great view of the town’s lush surroundings. This spot was also once used as a Celtic religious site. While most of Châtillon-sur-Siene has been ravaged by the previous world wars, some of the ancient remnants have thankfully been preserved. You can get a taste of the old town, when you stroll along the Quartier St Vorles as you will get to sight numerous old alleyways and houses; as well as the pre-Romanesque Église St-Vorles that dates back to the 10th century. If you head north of town, you will find another one of Châtillon’s treasures- its pretty vineyards that have long been the origin of Burgundy’s very own bubbly, Crémant de Bourgogne. These vineyards can be visited via the Route du Crémant and is just a few kilometers away from the famous Côte des Bar vineyards that lie in the Champagne region.














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CHÂTILLON-SUR-SIENE:   1. Tourism office  2. Museé du Pays Châtillonais  3. Source de la Douix