6. Îles des Glenan

Îles des Glenan is located at marker 6 on the map of Brittany below.

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 FINISTERE Archipel des GlenanÎles des Glenan (dubbed as Breton’s Tahiti) is an archipelago of 7 major islands. The area is frequented by daytrippers and catamaran sailors and is home to an 18th century fort (Île de Cigogne) and many protected islets that act as nature reserves for local seagulls, magpies, cormorants and Narcissus flowers. The region is only accessible by boat from April to September.

Île de St Nicolas is the main island in the Glenan archipelago. It is the chief arrival/departure point that houses some restaurants, homes and the International Diving Centre. 



1. Île de St Nicolas  2. Île de Cigogne fort  

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