5. Douarnenez

 Douarnenez is located at marker 5 on the map of Brittany below.

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 FRANCE FINISTERE douarnenezThe Communist streak in Douarnenez’s past does nothing to subdue the vibrancy of the town which is generously sprinkled with colourful buildings and streets. Once the first French Communist municipality (1921), Douarnenez is a busy fishing port and thalassotherapy spa centre. Lying on the southern shore of the Douarnenez Bay has also made it a popular seaside resort.

Douarnenez sees many visitors in year, thanks to its colourful coastal buildings, quaint cafés and ancient port. However, many also arrive to visit the town’s specialty museums- Port Musée and Musée du Bateau [quai de Port-Rhu Douarnenez, +33 298926520 ad/ch €6.20/3.80 (combined ticket)], which exhibit various sea vessels, ranging from Inuit kayaks to Breton langoustier (cray-fishing boat).

You can also check out the new Nouveau Port [Bd Jean-Richepin F] which offers rather splendid views of the Porscad, Dames beaches and the Bay. Douarnenez is also known for its world-class maritime events such as the Douarnenez Grand Prix.

If you would like to get a taste of minority community films, visiting the town in August would also prove be a good idea; as the Douarnenez Film Festival [www.festival-douarnenez.com ] is celebrated then.  


 BRITTANY MAP:  A. Finistère Department D   1. Roscoff  2. Brest   3. Île de Batz  4. Île de Sein  5. Douarnenez  6. Îles des Glenan  7. Quimper  8. Concarneau   B. Morbihan Department  9. Lorient   10.  Carnac  11. Quiberon  12. Belle-Île  13. Golfe du Morbihan  14. Vannes   15. Josselin   C. Côtes-d'Armor Department  16. Paimpol   17.  St-Brieuc  18.  Dinan    D.  Ille-et-Vilaine Department  19.  Dinard   20.  St Malo   21.   Cancale   22.  Rennes  23. Forêt de Paimpont

DOUARNENEZ MAP:   1.  Port Musée and Musée du Bateau  2.  Nouveau Port

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