Île de Sein

Roscoff is located at marker 1 on the map of Brittany below.

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Île de SeinLocated 8km from Pointe du Raz, separated by Raz de Sein, lies the narrow little Île de Sein (pop 242). Known as Enez Sun in Breton, the island sits on a challenging navigational route in the English Channel, known for countless shipwrecks. There have been many stories told of Sein’s mysticism, including legends of the druids of Brittany seeking refuge on the island’s shores. However, the resilient Sénans are known more for their bravery during WWII, when the entire Sénan male population joined General Gaulle’s Free French resistance army in exile to London. Images and articles relating this story can be found in the local museums, Musée Lagad an Enez & Musée Jardin de I’Espérence [ +33 298709035, www.enezsun.com/Tourisme/Musee.htm €2.50] along with relics dating back to the prehistoric times and remnants of ancient shipwrecks in the surrounding waters.

offers beautiful coastal scenery, with shores that disappear occasionally. Hence, taking a walk of exploration from one end of the island to another and sighting the Phare Armen, is a popular activity as well. Note that no wheels are allowed in the island (not even bicycles, due to the tides that can rise almost 6m higher than the surrounding waters. You can arrive/depart via boats that run from Audienne, Brest and Camaret.

 BRITTANY MAP:  A. Finistère Department D   1. Roscoff  2. Brest   3. Île de Batz  4. Île de Sein  5. Douarnenez  6. Îles des Glenan  7. Quimper  8. Concarneau   B. Morbihan Department  9. Lorient   10.  Carnac  11. Quiberon  12. Belle-Île  13. Golfe du Morbihan  14. Vannes   15. Josselin   C. Côtes-d'Armor Department  16. Paimpol   17.  St-Brieuc  18.  Dinan    D.  Ille-et-Vilaine Department  19.  Dinard   20.  St Malo   21.   Cancale   22.  Rennes  23. Forêt de Paimpont




ÎLE DE SEIN MAP:   1.  Phare Armen

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