23. Forêt de Paimpont

 The Paimpont Forest is located at point 23 on the map of Brittany below.  

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BRITTANY Paimpont Forest château

The forest is also known as the legendary Brocéliande- where Arthur received the powerful Excalibur sword. However, since these stories were brought ashore by Celtic settlers, their authenticity is debatable. Nonetheless, this 7000 ha forest, still offers visitors some magical greenery, with its ancient trees, moors, streams and intriguing stones (e.g. Merlin’s tomb) which are best explored on foot/bike. Venues such as the Église Abbatiale in the nearby Paimpont village hold brochures on the various biking/hiking trails in the forest. Try sticking to these tracks, as you can easily trespass into private land.